About TCB

TODAYCOULDBE is the independent creative studio of art director and visual communicator, Jamie Zebedee. Along with a select group of makers + thinkers, TCB works with brands, art departments and communication agencies to solve content and design challenges with empathy, creativity and authenticity.

What I Do

Art Direction

  • Inspire, lead and drive the design process
  • Brainstorm and conceptualize a variety of visual approaches for various media
  • Take accountability for artwork that is on-brand, on-strategy and on-budget

Graphic Design

  • Problem solve and “own” the design execution from concept to completion
  • Assess colour, typography, composition, hierarchy, scale, placement and other element relationships
  • Deliver clean, finished artwork that realizes the creative direction


  • Consider the creative strategy, audience and campaign metrics
  • Formulate language and style that actively compliments creative direction
  • Deliver intuitive, insightful and grammatically flawless copy
Who I Work With


In person and on demand. TCB offers freelance rates and availability for communication agencies, taking on projects of various sizes and budgets.

Use TCB when you need to scale up creative resources, maintain workflow or simply get the work out the door, and stop when you don’t.


TCB works with in-house creative teams and art departments to enhance narrative, cohesion and aesthetic through brand-centric design and language.

I know how to navigate internal culture and controls to bring about consistent, solid work that resonates at all levels within an organization.


TCB takes on a select number of independent projects to provide art direction, concepting, design and copywriting services.

I focus on “love” projects; work that defines and reflects my character, curiosities and interests and tells a great story in the process.

The intersection of storytelling and science is where beautiful things happen.
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